04 January 2011

Inverz - slow (2009, Phantom Channel)

From Thessaloniki, Greece, comes this net-release and third album by Inverz, solo project of Savvas Metaxas (also behind the Granny Records label).

"Slow" seems particularly influenced by Fennesz or Pan American, and you wouldn't be wrong adding the name of Chihei Hatakeyama to the short list.

Savvas Metaxas utilizes acoustic and electric guitars, some synths too, and processes digitally their sounds through various effects and softwares, completes with field recordings in order to add a sense of proximity, achieving that way strong environmental and atmospheric ambient-drone soundscapes.

There is something impressionistic about the music of Inverz, intuitive, you don't see clearly where you're heading to, in a path full of meanderings but with a thematic constancy. With "home end",  I feel like walking in the countryside, early in the morning, one winter day, on the icy ground, through heavy freezing fog, besides bare trees covered with crystalline frost, warmly warmed up and somewhat groggy.

"Everything In Order" is almost like a nightmare, you're sweating, expecting thunderstorm to come and wash out all this confusion and apnea in your mind, bringing you fresh air. 

The clarity of the acoustic guitar on the intro of "Slow" could not have been a better idea to go on, waking up and feeling relieved, on the way of recovery, the quietude of the room, with a view on a garden.

There are quite good passages during "New Found Lands, New Found Sound" and you feel that Inverz is close to reach another level, developing a kind of feverish stasis through repetition ans slow evolution, even starting from uneasy sounds and slowly moving towards something deeper and stronger but the trial isn't transformed into a success, the voyage doesn't lead you to the expected destination, and you lose your way in the middle of the track, in a no man's land, before finding your way again and losing again, never reaching the clearing you were hoping for.

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