02 January 2011

Tiny Fireflies - epop 005 (2010, Eardrums Pop)

Tiny Fireflies is a joint band / couple made by Kristine from Tiny Microphone (and Very Truly Yours) and Lisle Mitnik from Fireflies (and Very Truly Yours).

To be honest, I'm not really fan of the vintage 60's indie pop of Very Truly Yours which I find as disconnected as Saturday Looks Good to Me to my expectations as a listener. I really prefer the solo productions of Lisle as Fireflies, classic but efficient and sensitive melancholic twee pop songwriting. Of course on the length of an album it can become monotonous but certain songs have a special touch and if you've been an addict of the Sarah Records attitude you feel at home. 

Much more particular is the solo project of Kristine as Tiny Microphone, heading towards dreampop, shoegazing and intimate lo-fi bedroom songwriting, with beautiful and sometimes moving vocals, if you're in the right mood crying along "Home", "Books" or "You disappear" could be cathartic.  She is the one with the special twist to go deeper in your heart and wake up strong melancholic emotions.

What about Tiny Fireflies then. As expected it's a kind of compromise between Tiny Microphone and Fireflies. Kristine is behind the vocals, it's less twee than Fireflies, less melancholic and personal than Tiny Microphone, more sophisticated and from my point of view not so far from the style of music developed by the Trembling Blue Stars. "Don't Wait Until I Fall Asleep", their contribution on the EardrumsPop free compilation “Between Two Waves vol. C” falls directly in this category, just like "Holding Pattern", the opening track on the EP, the way the bass is used can't lie as a DNA proof.

On "Snow", Kristine take the lead and impose a wonderful dreamy melody, beautifully revealed by the guitar, only rhythmic beats keep us close to the ground and with her charms Tiny Fireflies could be seen as a possible competitor of Memoryhouse for those who prefer to keep hidden in the thicket.
I'm less convinced by "The End of the world"a cover of a cover - Claudine Longet's interpretation of a Skeeter Davis hit -, where they develop their French touch - there is already a sample of Gainsbourg on"Holding Pattern".  

My final impression is that Tiny Fireflies is mostly and updated version of Fireflies, as I have greater expectations for the next Tiny Microphone release.

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