14 January 2011

Trouble Books - gathered tones (2010 Own)

Trouble Books are back with another, this time shorter, album, taking even more distance with the old indie scene of previous decennia and their playful melodies.

Not that they embraced ambient soundscapism direction as under the blanket, the songs are there, lovely, twisted, shifted, reluctant to follow furrows, doing a bunk instead every time they feel close to déjà-vu.

It's a hard time to compare them to other bands and instead you wish you would be able to find them a few disciples. They installed a new aesthetic standard, pushing forward a few limits.

Each track is just remarkable and they are real silversmiths with their subtle use of beats, synth, guitars and vocals. My only complaint would be a lack of trauma and deep sensitive graceful melancholic emotions but it has never been their goal and you have exceptions too, like "Abandoned Monorail Station", which could be a stolen Talons's song, and various lulling instants of weightlessness.

Probably they are too talented and too obsessed for their own good and success, and one or another sweet addictive gem could have been an entry door for many ones, but their perseverance gave until now an ambitious, impressive and brilliant series of albums.

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