25 January 2011

Still Corners - don't fall in love/ wish 7" (2010, Great Pop Supplement)

Like an hybrid between Sambassadeur, Julee Cruise and Memoryhouse, but with an even stronger love for all things dream pop, ethereally folk and translucently psychedelic, this London quintet is deeply seductive and gives no other choice than immediate adhesion. 

But how long the bewitchment of a mermaid's voice can last?

If you consider, the first track, "Don't fall in love", the decline of appetence is like anothor curse, as it sounds traditionally melodic and haunted but without the mysterious melancholic dimension of someone like Hope Sandoval, so I'm mildly and just temporarily charmed.
The real reason of this review is the 101 seconds long lullaby "Wish", which is a miniature treasure with a delicate and pure innocence, a delicious sense of despair, an ephemeral sunny spell full of honesty, the grace and fragility of a  just blossomed flower which will live only one day, like these instants of deep happiness slipping through your fingers like sand.

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