26 January 2011

Winter's Day - winter's day (2010, Morc)

Winter's Day is a collaboration between Dawn Smithson and Aaron Martin. Two ethereal folk songs (see This Mortal Coil, Heidy Berry, Jessica Bailiff or Grouper) with clear, slow and icy vocals over minimal guitar lines and string arrangements, in the atmosphere of an empty church.

Dawn Smithson, from Seattle, WA, was as the singer and bassplayer of Jessamine, signed for a few albums on Kranky during the nineties and followed with two solo albums on the same label. Aaron Martin, from Topeka, Kansas, has got a few instrumental releases on labels like Type, Mobeer or Under The Spire.

To be honest, I'm not such a fan of their solo careers so far but I'm pleased by this first 7inch of their new project, mostly because it fits perfectly with other artists associated one way or another to Morc Tapes, would it be Annelies Monseré, Jessica Bailiff, The Iditarod or Rivulets, but also because there is something authentic and poetic, they really tried to grab just the essential and it is really inviting and dedicated to wintertime.


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