10 January 2011

Snowstorm - snowstorm (2009, Monotone Tapes)

After a few tapes under his own name, finally Kevin Huelbig Jr decided to update his songwriting from bedroom lo-fi towards more ambitious melodic intimate indie folk pop. 

While staying in known and already referenced regions, Snowstorm delivers a few gems of extraordinary efficiency.

"Mirror", "Susan", "Making a scene", "You're already broken" and "We can leave this place" are just unbelievably great, instant hits like an improbable mix between early Elliot Smith grace and the ultimate efficiency of Human Television, with the spontaneity sometimes reached by David Kilgour (The Clean), but with a finesse under the tutelary influence of Galaxie 500 (yes, David I bet you borrowed their song title "Snowstorm").

Maybe the only reason to complain would be a lack of modernity as Vio/Miré and Talons' both find transcendence with the incorporation of elements from the digital world. But like with Chauchat you can't accuse someone of being a purist when each of these ten songs, for a total length just below twenty-one minutes, shares an authentic sincerity and an emotional intimacy which will make you speechless at times, breathing more deeply, in a single word, happy.

Apparently the only place on the web to hear his songs these days is this phone session - but featuring no Snowstorm songs -, "Heartless", "The Cold From Outside Is Seeping In", "Kill Me" or "All of you" are so utterly beautiful in The Secret Stars / S / Wio sense of the term that I'm literally cut in two. 

Kevin has to be blamed for not having released digital versions of these songs correctly recorded. Maybe it's one one of his tapes buts as my tape player is now eating and smashing tapes instead of playing it makes me just completely frustrated.

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