20 January 2011

Woodworkings - i tried to write you a letter (2010)

A limited edition one sided cassette release, handmade packaging, 30 minutes of music, with only 26 copies. Promising new work of Kyle Woodworth but which fails at challenging his "we sit on floors we stand on chairs" full length.

Built around the piano, it shows some promising hints of beauty but stuck into the hesitations of a work in progress, of exploration of new directions, Kyle is stretching his universe, looking for new directions and losing himself along the way. Certain pieces of the puzzle are nice but not ordered enough, not contributing to a nice landscape. 

There is a tendency in this style of music to multiply the number of release, sometimes to out of proportion extents (Machinefabriek, Celer,...) and most of the time it is to the detriment of quality and depth. 

It is not an empty record, Kyle tried but it's not a full success and our time is limited, so better not losing it.

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