28 January 2011

Circle Bros - haven (2010, Morc)

Circle Bros is the solo project of Wim Lecluyse (also behind the Morc label). "Haven" is apparently is first album after 10 years, but not a proper one per se because it compiles pieces composed at first for other releases. 

It reminds me of certain tracks by Roy Montgomery, Grouper or Flying Saucer Attack but minus their noisy, windy, melodic and sometimes emotional dimensions. 

There is something neutral with "Haven', it's austere, nocturnal and honest but not as enthralling as I hoped. There are sometimes vocals but blurred, reverberated, introvert, as sleepily lo-fi whispers, over layers of quiet and soft electric guitars, some heavily processed into light drones set in the background.  Six tracks for 34 minutes, "Haven" is a short album but paradoxically it seems longer mostly due to the lack of variation and lyrical content.

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