26 January 2011

Edgar Wappenhalter - on the beach (2010, Morc)

Edgar Wappenhalter is the assumed name of Steve Marreyt, a Belgian musician also ex-member of experimental psych-rockers Sylvester Anfang II, this LP follows several tape-releases on labels like Goaty Tapes, Cabin Floor Esoterica andYoung Girls Records.

"On The Beach" is his vinyl debut, where he explored in straightforward approach psychedelic folk-rock with a few drones traces. An obvious point of comparison for me would be Drekka, or a much more austere and much less seductive Grouper.

Like them he seems completely aware of what he is exploring and at the same time haunted by his obsessions, reaching this way an expression of sincerity without trying too hard to achieve this. But once that said, it is psychedelicalmost in the Green Pajamas sense of the term but turned into a more vaporous and atmospheric experimental contemplative form. 

On the beach, but on the sandy beaches, with long dunes and a sun which is hitting hard, sweating but tripping like we were walking in icy fields.

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