09 January 2011

Black Sea Storm - onca onsuz (2010, Garibay)

Black Sea Storm is the solo project of Ali Deniz Ozkan, of Channing Cope and Shere, playing bass and singing in both bands.

For his solo project, he is expanding his palette, with guitar and drums but there is also a shift with the vocals, from English to Turk, on this first three tracks release.

But this change is relatively recent as, if my memory is not wrong, I remember listening to songs of Black Sea Storm in English on his myspace. It makes less easier to access the sense of the songs, except if you speak Turk, so you are left with the emotions, but anyways, it doesn't change the true nature or style of his music.

This is alternative indie rock songwriting with a math-rock and slowcore background and a deep love for tension, slowness, melancholy and depth. Strangely it reminds me of the last EP by Thomas Mery, "Des Larmes Mélangées De Poussière", a French songwriter (previously singer and guitarist of Purr) who also moved from English to his first language for his solo career. They are following parallel lines but Ali seems to be looking for more warmth and intimacy, though the darkness and melancholy contained have a similar nature. Another rapprochement could be done with Travels, as similarly to Mona Elliott (with Victory at Sea and now Travels), Ali moved towards something both more intimate and melodic.

Black Sea Storm is escaping classification. can you call something intimate bedroom math-rock songwriting? It sounds antinomic but this is what you get here. I just wish i could understand Turk better or no I just wish it was in English, because I made the inverse step, moving from French to English with my reviews.

There are three songs, none of these will work instantly, acclimatization is necessary, but next they have an inexhaustible quality and stay intense and feverish no matter how many times you listen.

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