13 January 2011

Úrsula - mejor seguir al silencio (2009, Foehn)

Fourth album for this Spanish duo, formed by David Cordero and Juan Luis Castro, and a long love & hate fascination relationship for me as a listener and fan. 

I enjoyed their two first albums but the darkness of their third one, "Autoayuda Emocional" forced me to take some distance and it's with delay that I finally discover their fourth one (a fifth one has been released recently).

It's a huge and wonderful surprise, darkness and the related insanity are gone, replaced by a beautiful and cold empty night where melancholy unfolds and finds no limit. If you miss the ambient side of Hood and the sincerity of the Arab Strap melodies and their beats, and are not too disturbed by the occasional Spanish vocals you'll find a refuge inside this record.

The first track, "Puedo y no quiero" is a real highlights, cold as frost, with desperate and moving vocals, inside a nice reverberated atmosphere. Soothing drone waves of sound on "Detalles sin importancia", we're lost in the admiration of stars, until the warming effect of an almost euphoric beat puts us in a dreamy state. Second highlight and hypothetical but perfect pop song with "Fuerza Mayor", followed by another instrumental under Stars of the Lid influence, "Maravilloso miedo". "La minoría silenciosa" reminds me of the first releases by Sepia Hours, before he moved towards more experimental forms.

More introspection on "Desviaciones morales", third song with vocals on this album, taking the way to work, through the fog, under the purity of the morning light. It is followed by two other atmospheric ample and nocturnal vocals closing the record.

Eight tracks for forty minutes, but just three songs with vocals giving flesh and soul to this album and five instrumental floating around in a ghostlike manner.

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