05 January 2011

Woodworkings - "we sit on floors we stand on chairs" (2010, Futurerecordings)

Fifteen years ago, Kyle Woodworth, from Baltimore, Maryland - sometimes helped by friends here, - may have recorded a melancholic folk lo-fi album.  Different times, different era, he is exploring a very personal, adventurous vision of ambient, electronic, neoclassical and post-rock influences, with obvious references like Arvo Part, The Stars of the Lid, Sigur Ros, or Hammock.

Built around layers of feverish cello with notes from an intimate guitar in the forefront, "sketch (adrift)" is a perfect sensitive opening, warm and fulfilling.

Often the compositions on this album have got a confusing quality, emotions are the guidelines of his expressions like waves covering, submerging you while you're swimming, or like rain falling on your face, like tears bursting. "For those found" is so impressive.

"Connected through lines" seems unfocused at first, even diluted but as soon as you recompose it is particularly moving, similar to an hypothetical intimate, dreamy and adolescent Dirty Three.  I have no idea of what maintains the structure of this track everything seems to fall apart but you're always breathing deeply and relaxing. 

"Former daughters of the American revolution" is too harsh, starting with strident sonorities, here the strange alchemy doesn't work on me, to close from some epic post-rock clichés. "Baltimore summer" is like an euphoric daydream, out of control, dazed and close to a loss of consciousness, slowly recovering on the translucent "Sinking or swimming".

Most of these tracks seem semi-improvised, not totally finished - a good example is the title track -  but their aftertaste and the mood induced are alway sweetly convincing. The last track is another good surprise, "Suffering in spring", in an saturated style of music, Woodworkings sounds unexpectedly refreshing, moving, subtle and deep. And I'm admiring.

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