16 August 2010

Bart & Friends - make you blush (2010, Lost & Lonesome)

As a member of The Cat's Miaow, Hydroplane, Pencil Tin, Bart & Friends and The Shapiros, Bart Cummings acquired slowly an iconic status on the indiepop scene as another essential songwriter besides Robert Forster and Grant McLennan from The Go-Betweens or Peter Milton Walsh from The Apartments, yet much less known than these ones.

Nine years after the last releases of Bart & Friends or The Cat's Miaow, he is unexpectedly back with a new ep, helped by Pam Berry ( Black Tambourine, The Pines, The Shapiros) and members of The Lucksmiths.On “Make you blush” he offers, in twelve minutes, eight short indie jangle pop songs. None of these are essential but each one is precious like most of his past work. Bart Cummings write and records songs that seem easy and superficial at first but which slowly are revealed as quite subtle and sensitive.


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