10 August 2010

Ghost To Falco - like this forever (2007, Below Pdx)

I've been very impressed by the debut release of Ghost To Falco, the solo project of Eric Crespo. I was then very curious to discover his first full length and a little bit anxious about the fact he recorded it with a full set of guest musicians. Turning a solo project into a full band can corrode a sensitivity completely.

There are differences, this album is less intimate and more intense, there is less space for layers of sounds from synths, organ or guitars and more attention towards a more rock-oriented approach. But while I'm talking about that he doesn't lose a single part of his authenticity as other artists like Unwound, Slint, Kickball, Three Mile Pilot, Victory at Sea, Bellafea, Lowercase or For Carnation easily come to mind when i listen to his new songs and band instrumentation.

There is more room for tension ont this record, and for harsher sounds, even if it never falls into complete noisy explorations. He makes also a step towards a more conventional songwriting, following the archetypes of usual indie rock formula inherited from post-hardcore sources.

I do like this new record quite a lot, even if I miss the unity once featured on the debut release. Eric Crespo is a true and clever songwriter and a brilliant interpreter of his own songs. There is no place for circus, you will taste the dust but ask for more of this. This is not a recommended record, this is a necessary one. I don't like it as much as I am obsessed by it. If once in your life records such as Spiderland, Repetition, The Dark is Just the Night, The Going-Away Present or Another Desert Another Sea have meant something for you, it is the next one on the list.

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