16 August 2010

Belong - colorloss (2008, st. ives)

“October Language” still haunts me, at least sometimes I return to listen to the two first tracks of their debut album fervently and let the rest of the album flow.

So it wasn't without high expectations that I've listened fervently to their next ep. And expecting more of the same I was disappointed as instead of originals, it features four songs, as much covers than reworking of the original versions.

The first track is a deconstruction of a cover from Syd Barrett, done previously by The Cleaners From Venus. Only the vocals are perceptible. It sounds like a washed out melodic shoegaze songs. Like if a Boo Radleys shoegaze hit was recorded on an old tape and slowly distorted being played many times on a fouled up tape player. “Late night” is a nice song and This Mortal Coil covered it perfectly on their “Blood LP” but here is it like a ghost of a song lost under evolving muted drones without the beautiful and melancholic atmosphere of their debut album.

If “October Language” was a big step forward trying successfully to go further than the works of artists like Gas, Stars of the Lid or Flying Saucer Attack, here they adopt a much more nostalgic point of view, looking backwards towards early shoegaze indie music. Their sound is interesting but nothing comes close to “Red velvet of nothing”.

It's a boring ep, just passably pleasant, never disturbing like if hope it could have been. It's like they are not trying to bring something new here, just using the disintegration approach of Basinski using simply more layers of blurred drones. Let's hope it's just a sidestep and on their next album they will return to their grandeur and clever sadness.

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