04 August 2010

Mick Turner / Tren Brothers - blue trees (2007, Drag City)

This is a compilation of rare tracks of two side project of Dirty Three. A split between the Tren Brothers - Mick Turner (guitars, melodica, harmonica, keys and loops) and Jim White (drums and percussion) -, and Mick Turner solo. It's Dirty Three's post-rock style explorations but less the violin of Warren Ellis. Strangely the first track, “Swing (part 1 & 2) is figuring another violinist, Jessica Billey, for almost 10 minutes of peaceful contemplation of late summer landscapes.

It's a nice record but without real coherency, without major standout tracks but with a good number of nice sounding ones. So it is more for fans of these musicians than for newcomers who plan to discover the band, as it compiles various singles.

It works perfectly as a background ambience, distilling quietness and authenticity as time flows while your mind is occupied by various activities.


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