17 August 2010

Paperweight - snails of april (2010, Paperheart)

"Snails of April" is rich of its influences - from The Posies to Death Cab For Cutie, from The Lemonheads to emopop bands- , an album full of power pop indie rock songs, this is the debut album of this self-produced Belgian band whose anonymous status never stopped them to progress.

The moment passed for this style of music but a few songs catch my ears more than others : "Snails of April", "Naked in the Snow", or "A house, not a home". Paperweight isn't offering something new but they developed an impressive know-how in their delimited style.

Sadly local labels, media and promoters have never exploited or defended their potential. The sound production and achievement of this album are anyways impressive, I hope this album will give them a fan basis and help them to interact and find their place at an higher level.

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