06 August 2010

William Basinski - el camino real (2007, 2062)

El Camino Real is an historical road of 966 kilometers, in California, (built between 1683 and 1834) that makes the junction between Sonoma and San Diego. Along this road were placed distinctive bells.

“El Camino Real” is a 50 minutes long instrumental of William Basinksi, conceived like is other works around tape loops. As always the results are magnificent even if reminiscent of his other records with a deep shoegaze atmospheric aura this time. You will probably like this stuff if you are into the quiet compositions of musicians like Arvo Part, Harold Budd, The Stars of the Lid or The Cocteau Twins.

“El Camino Real” is very hypnotic and minimalist, warm, melancholic and with an atmospheric almost mineral quality. Not much happens but soon you get a sense of what eternity should be. It's a question of human scale if this track lasts 50 minutes but not 5 or 500, it plays with your perception and the passing of time. After a few minutes you are totally submerged so it's hard to tell what changes but you can feel intuitively an evolution, even is the loops are always there and the perception of textural change is quite subtle to identifiy. Listening to “El Camino Real” is like walking for hours along a road, looking at the large landscapes, on both sides and towards the horizon, knowing that everything moves around you at the speed of your own feet.

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