28 August 2010

Yamon Yamon - this wilderness (2010, Tenderversion)

Like Last Days of April, Sambassadeur or Jeniferever, Yamon Yamon comes from Sweden. Like those acts their sound production is smooth, crystal clear, polished, warm and dynamic, youthful and refreshing but lacks of innovation and of a strong or moving personal dimension.

Yamon Yamon, a four people band from Stockholm, is pursuing a melodic perfection which defines their identity. “This Wilderlessness” is a refined and completely developed expression of what they started with their ep “Days like television”. 

It features nine upbeat but delicate popsongs with a certain debt towards bands like The Sea & Cake, Last Days of April or American Football, but with a style now fully of their own, through immediacy and accessibility.

There is not a bad or weak song on this album. It's perfect for sunny and happy days, for smiling and enjoying life, there is no trace of melancholy, depressive feelings, maybe just a few hints of bitterness, like that taste of lemon and ice through hot weather. "This Wilderness" is beautiful like the delicious and cheerful nonchalance we experience during adolescence, like an eternal spring ignoring its temporariness, any reproach or blame to their music seems unsuitable. Could this last forever and never know the too warm sun of summer and its thunderstorms.

<a href="http://yamonyamon.bandcamp.com/album/this-wilderlessness">Alonso by Yamon Yamon</a>

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