14 August 2010

Taylor Deupree - stil. (2002, 12k)

On “stil.”, Taylor Deupree is exploring electronic music fields explored previously by german artists like Gas or Oval. This album features four long repetitive ambient tracks between 10 and 23 minutes, where he uses waves of sounds, minimal beats, clicks and rhythms for. The atmospheres are quiet, warm and appeasing and at times the use of loops can create the kind of soundscape William Basinski developed.

“Snow/Sand” seems to float for me somewhere between Basinski and Gas, nicely pleasant but without offering something strictly new. On “Recur”, Taylor Deupree creates more complex loops and textures, juxtaposing several layers of sound.

“Temper” has got a more floating and immobile structure with just a subtle change of light, if the first part is under sunlight the second part follows through the darkness of the night with suggestive bass sounds à la Pan American. The title track is also the longest and the more abstract, conceptual and hypnotic one. There is no beats here, just slowly evolving drones.

I tend to prefer much more the two first compositions of this album because they are warmer and more intimate. 


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