06 August 2010

Taylor Deupree - northern (2008, 12k)

"Northen" follows chronologically the splendid Taylor Deupree reworking of the Eisi album so the fact that this album is less electronic, more intimate, warmer and includes sounds from real instruments or with a more acoustic/analogic feeling than his previous solo works, with the use of electric piano, guitar, melodica or field recordings. "Northern" explorations are minimal and atmospheric, developing complex layers of sound creating evolving textures and ambiences. The album's cover offers a perfect perspective of the nature of its content, with organic construction out of a mineral / digital cold world of snow.

“Everything's Gone Grey” is warm and slowly pulsing, like taking a nap on the grass, under a tree, falling asleep looking at light through leaves and branches. Conscience is slowly lost, eyes are closing, we are floating inside a cloud of sleepiness. “Northern” is more like moving trying to make as few perturbation as possible, observing birds flying in the sky all around, while a refreshing wind makes breathing so invigorating with a nice sense of lightness.

“A Dead Yellow Carpet” is like apnea, swimming underwater, in a frozen reality.“Shell Shell Bye” is like observing, alone in the morning, an icy landscape snow covered through a big window in a quiet room.

“Haze it may be” is the dreamier track of this album – it reminds me of Mountains -, i've got the impression to run weightless, and to see in all directions at the same time, like perfectly dissolved into a landscape. No surprise that the final track is also the most intimate, desperate and melancholic one, “November”, yet still icy and cold, like a lonely walk outside during a cold winter day.

“Northern” as a whole is a solitary walk, outside and inside.

Ps : this album exists in two version, the more recent one has been slightly reworked but without major changes.


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