05 August 2010

Mount Moriah - the letting go (2010, Holidays For Quince)

First ep for this new project of Heather McEntire (guitar voice), concurrently with Bellafea and Un Deux Trois. With Jenks Miller at the guitar and James Wallace (percussions), she explores here a mix of americana and country, which follow the path opened by Jason Molina these last ten years and more.

I can't say that I totally like this ep as I can't say that I dislike it, this is very traditional and classical, no surprise there. What saves this record are the vocals of Heather, her sensitive voice and her presence. But she is not at risk here, even when the music get stronger or softer we are still far from an emotional rupture. It's music that sounds and feels like music, lacking of other dimensions behind, nothing unknown, same old shoes, comfortable and without shivers. I stopped listening to Ida, Wil Oldham and Jason Molina for such reasons.

Nothing keeps me here.


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