08 August 2010

Hammock - stranded under endless sky (2005)

Hammock is a strange entity, instrumental ambient/post-rock duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson. This 2005 ep was recorded during the sessions for their debut album "Kenotic" so it is quite similar. Four tracks and 25 minutes, warm and hallucinating soundscapes that will give you the impression to fly.

Of course they have a huge debt towards artists like The Cocteau Twins, Windy & Carl, Slowdive, Bola or Boards of Canada, of course it's very soft and smooth, highly pleasant without real innovations, but at the same time it is amazingly efficient, dream and sleep inducing. They use dronelike synth sounds, with layers of processed guitars and a few beats, and as listening to it at high volume, you seem to lose your weight, colors are more vivid and time is dissolving. When a band like The Stars of the Lid makes you more lucid, clears you mind and invites you to a melancholic depth, Hammock does the contrary and invites you to dream, works like an antidepressant and lets your mind disappear into warm waves of euphoria.

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