25 August 2010

One Second Bridge - one second bridge - (2006, Burö)

Released in 2006, recorded between 2003 and 2004, the debut album for an Argentinian duo - Vincente Garcia Landa and Matias Bienaszweski - is a strange object. They released an ep and a b-sides album in 2010 before calling it quits and moving to new projects that until now fail to catch my interest. 

It's an imperfect album, mixing folktronica and shoegaze but mostly playing around a high Slowdive addiction reinterpreted in an intimate lo-fi and experimental manner. This album was recorded in Barcelona. Their main goal seems to capture a nice atmosphere without corrupting it with too much work or developments. This debut album is more a collage of fresh ideas captured with innocence and freshness, than a collection of songs.   

It starts with an instrumental introduction, “One second bridge” with processed shoegaze guitar, a foggy landscape at dawn before a first song, “N°2”, nice lo-fi and delicate.   

“Everywhere” is the first convincing track with a particular perspective, like deconstruction reconstruction of shoegazing, which someone like Khonnor could have realized, lazy and somnolent, followed by a short addendum, “Un minuto”. The vaporous “The Ghost” follow with reverberated melancholic guitars, beats and half-whispered vocals.   

“Take me to the moon” is getting nowhere, “Brucke” features field recordings of someone walking. “Keep on Falling” is their lo-fi tribute to Slowdive, a nice though easy melody. Another short instrumental with field recordings and we have “fifth season” another dreamy instrumental which floats without bringing us to any destination. “Sucio Cielo Azul” is a nice idea, underdeveloped, like are the two last tracks “Ventana” and “Alt Ending”   

One Second Bridge is only convincing on the third tracks with vocals, so it's difficult to recommend this debut album.

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