19 August 2010

The Relict - tomorrow is again (2006, Pehr)

Innes Phillips started The Relict when he left The Clientele but while listening to “Tomorrow is again” (from 2003 but re-released three years later on Pehr) you'll get the impression he never went too far – members of The Clientele have helped here - from their sound only a little bit closer to the softer sounds of Galaxie 500 and Mazzy Star , but not so much.

He's aided too by the female vocals of Pam Berry (The Pines), Lupe Nunez-Fernandez (Pipas), and Abigail Marvel on half of the songs. It could be potentially a good things but it is where “Tomorrow is again” loses most of its force. When Innes Phillips sings himself, the mood is very melancholic and nostalgic, a kind of mellow introspective sadness that invades you slowly but surely, but as soon as he's leaving the vocals to someone else, the overall climate is suddenly superficial and lack of content.  

“Tomorrow is again” is their debut album and it seems that it will be their only one. A few of these songs were previously released on singles. I started with big expectations but after a few listens I started to get bored and lost the chance to be fully convinced.  

Only two songs keep their magic charms, ironically these are the first and the last song of this record: “Time spent with you” and “Darling i know”. The first one reminds me of Galaxie 500 and the last one is like a tender completely smooth Codeine song.

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