23 August 2010

Mole Harness - a present from the future (2006, Stray Dog Army)

Instrumental post-rock, with guitars and electronic manipulation, by a musician with a melancholic sensitivity and a good musical culture (he's a fan of musician like Sébastien Roux, Fennesz, The Durutti Column, The Red House Painters or Steve Reich, among others). “A present from the future” sound somewhere between a more emotional and mysterious Helios and a more direct, rapid and terrestrial July Skies. At times I wouldn't be surprised to hear a few whispered vocals but they never appear.

Mole Harness is the solo project of James Brewster, coming from Bristol, UK, but now living in Malmö, Sweden. “A Present From The Future” offers a collection of eight delicately melancholic, atmospheric and emotional instrumentals, all of them exploring the same state of mind, through progressions and subtle changes of parts. It's hard to concentrate on a single track as all of them seem similar, making a coherent whole with not much variations.

Listening to this Mole Harness is like looking endlessly at a monotonous but beautiful and vast landscape, under a changing sky, with wind chasing clouds through the hills, between episodic rainfalls and sunny spells. 


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